Benefits of working with a real estate team

Working with one experienced Realtor is great, but you’ll get twice the benefit when you choose Dan Geneau’s Real Estate Team – Remax First

Why Work With a Small Team

We often get complaints from buyers and sellers that they didn’t have the feel of personal service from a large team as they were redirected to who was available at the time and not who they asked for or expected to list their home/show them homes. Another error that large teams make, is taking on too many listings at one time. Sellers have told us that their property “got lost in the shuffle” Our team will only take 15 listings at a time. This is a very manageable number of properties to list while still taking out clients to view others. You will always have our personal commitment. After all, …….real estate is personal.

Twice the experience

Twice the experience means twice the buying power! You’ll be able to access a team member at almost any time when you have questions or concerns, and the team will work twice as hard to ensure you get the best property for your needs at the best price.


When it comes down to the negotiating stage, you can be sure you will always have someone on your side. Their combined market research means they know what properties are worth, and what they will be worth in the future. This can help you make a more informed decision.


In the current real estate market the importance of working with top realtors in the Calgary area cannot be stressed enough. Hiring a team of Realtors who KNOW the local market, can tell you which are the best buys, which homes are over priced and which homes will result in great resales one day will save you time, effort, money and stress.


Since we are a team, it is very rare for one of us NOT to be available for you when YOU’RE available to look at homes. We can accommodate any schedule.

Our team partners are advocates for our clients. As your “consultants,” we will never “sell” you. Instead we will familiarize you with the market and educate you so that when decision time comes, you’ll have the knowledge you need to purchase your home.


The process of selling your home takes a lot more than the plain old “If you list it, they will come.” mentality. We already know that, but of course, that assumes that you want to get the most that the market will allow for it.

In reality, the real estate market is highly competitive, buyers push back, and the value of your home is up for negotiation until the sale is finalized. In reality, there is nothing passive about this business or selling your home. That’s why it literally pays to list with the right real estate team.

Since the average day is just 24 hours long, there’s only so much a single person can do. On the other hand, when people work together towards common goals, a whole lot more gets done. We believe in the power of teamwork, and we work together to provide the best and most effective service imaginable.

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