“Preparing your garden in any season”

Mid to Late Summer

General Gardening Chores

If your water supply is limited, you may safely let your lawn go brown. This is a natural and protective dormancy. Grasses have evolved to survive summer droughts and will revive in rainy, cooler weather. If you use sprinklers to water the garden, do so in the morning to help prevent water loss from evaporation. Additionally, foliage left wet overnight is more vulnerable to mildew, fungus and disease. Water container plants daily and fertilize every two weeks. Continue to inspect plants regularly for signs of insect infestation or disease so you can take quick action when necessary. Turn your compost pile. Maintain your grass at five to seven centimetres high to better withstand drought and compete with weeds. Prepare beds for fall planting by adding compost. Remove faded flowers to encourage second blooming for plants such as purple coneflower and bergamot. Prune unwanted shoots on trees.


Avoid moving plants in the heat of summer. Mark the plants that need to be split or moved so that you can identify them once cooler fall weather comes. Mildewed summer phlox should be replanted in an airy location with good wind.

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